Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY / TCO Neon Earings

                                                                          Hi everyone!

Happy monday!
This days was soooo funny weather 2-3 days was sunny than yesterday was rainig all day.
But still i was prepared my blog plan for this week.
So for sure every monday will be DIY.,but other days are mixed :))
Extually i have to keep something for next month :)) What did you do last weekend, do you have some new outfit,ideas,make up, some inspiration? :)) As i said i have!
Today i´ll show you my make over earing,so simply. I have to say when i founded them i was soo happy becouse they are were my favourit earings ,but colour starting to be removed.
And i thought i have to do something with the, so idea has risen :)  I have neon green nail polish so i just
painted and that´s it.

Here are the pictures :


So what you think,i like it ?! ;)


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