Wednesday, February 1, 2012

red in winter

                                                          Hi everyone!

It´s really,really, cold outside.It´s Siberian Winter.
Cant wait for spring,and sun.
Also it´s 1st of february so was a time to show you some of my combination.:))
A love it,what about you??

Enjoy reading,Ilvana

                                 long-sleeved shirts / H&M
                                 chain / I´M
                                 ring / I`M
                                strampla / H&M

                                           Jewelry from "I`m"


Thank you sooo much for reading my blog,you make me happy.And i
hope you understand that i won´t allow any offensive or unobjective comments.
Any other comments are welcome. If you have any questions just send me email
I heart you

with love,Ilvana

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