Thursday, January 12, 2012

short hairstyles for 2012

                                                                      Hi everyone!!

It´s so sunny day,looks like early spring  but unfortunately is 0 degrees.Never mind ,i´m enjoying.
following fashin news,reading a magazin that short hair is IN again:))
So i´m happy couse entire my life i have short hair,it´s flexible with my head.
I recently started  to colour my hair,but in small nuances.Also think about changing the color, in a slightly different,but i´m not sure in which colour,i wanna it in orange,but not so string oranhge,so what you think??

with love,Ilvana



  1. Hi I love you're blog :)) . However, I was wondering is you can follow my blog by clicking "join this site" in the left margin.

  2. Hi steve!Thanx for follow me and reading my blog;)
    I think i'm following you too,but i'll check just in case;)


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