Saturday, January 7, 2012

how to be stylish

                                                             Hi everyone!!!
I just start to writte,what is for you stylish?  well thinking now,everything has change,fashion is different.
looking now a lady gaga,she  have great voice and songs ,but for me she is not stylish:)))
sorry have to be honest. But this is not about lady gaga,it´s about trendseter Olivia Palermo.
For me that´s stylish,elegant,without provocation.
She have eye for accessorises ,what Zoe  from elle said :))))
I watched that super serie ´The City´ by the way Olivia acting there;)) you can check, will love it .

              so,i put a question on my blog what is for you fashion and i will love to find out what you thinking?! ;)
      with love ,ilvana


  1. ni meni Gaga nije stylish :D sviđaju mi se Olivijine kombinacije ali lako je njoj sa toliko novca i stvarima od sponzora..i hvala ti što si me dovela na svoj blog, odsad te pratim.. i mali savjet.. please poradi malo na engleskom, pošto sam ja budući profesor engleskog ne mogu da ti to ne zamjerim, nadam se da se ne ljutiš :D

  2. Ma naravno da ti ne zamjerim,hvala ti.A sto se tice Olivije i ja se slazem sa tobom,Lahko je sve kad novac imas.

    Veliki pozdrav

  3. Hello darling!
    You have some interesting posts!
    To me being stylish is expressing oneself!
    I definitely do try to expressive who I am in every outfit I wear. Again, like you said, not everyone has the same idea of what style is, but I definitely like yours. I hope all is well on your side. I look forward to hearing/seeing more from you!

  4. Hi my dear!
    first of all thank you for folllowing me and that yout found something interesting in my blog.



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