Monday, January 9, 2012

About lookbook!!

                                                           Hi everyone!!!

One criticism of the lookbook.Since i made my blog,now i`m exactly pay attention only in that.
Thanx everyone who following me and i hope will be more followers ;)
The point is that i applied on lookbook too,to present my own style.
Even i´m still new at the beginning,i don´t have enough hypes.
Every day i follow the styles of others and i can say that there are some of terrible styles,cant belive how they are geting a hypes.
Sorry for being honest,just have to say about that.
I think that lady gaga  would not put on what others dress for.
Asking myself,is it about my style that no one like it,or becouse i dont have enough pictures on lookbook or something alse??

Well,that's all I have to say about the look book- my opinion!!!

with love,Ilvana   <3

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